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SKINTAG is an innovative medical device capable of removing skin tags in less than 6 days with no pain, inconvenience or adverse effects. We at MOA-Talics are proud to bring this 2020 CPHI Innovation Award winning therapy as another advanced medical device solution to our clients.


A new approach for Helicobacter Pylori control, recognized as a major cause of peptic ulcer:

Pylo-X is a supplement that helps regulate stomach bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). H. pylori live in the stomach lining and can be found in some 20% of people under 40, and up to 50% of people over 60.  Pylo-X contains an L-Reuteri strain called Pylopass. This strain is scientifically tested to help manage H. pylori in the stomach lining.


Innovated wart treatment pen that contains a keratolytic compound (softening and peeling of the outer layer of the skin) that breaks down locally and dries the infected tissue, thus removing the wart.



A unique and natural, hormone-free supplement that helps reduce menstrual days and the amount of bleeding by about 30%.

About 20% of women in their reproductive years suffer from increased menstrual bleeding.

Today, increased menstrual bleeding is based mainly on hormonal therapy, birth control pills or a hormonal intrauterine device that can have side effects and many other inconvenient. 



Contains myo-inositol - it is a naturally occurring sugar that belongs to the vitamin B and is involved in the metabolism of glucose. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and may benefit people with conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or insulin resistance, positive effect on fertility and therefore help women with PCOS for achieving regular ovulation.

Folate - an active and available configuration for the absorption of vitamin B9 in the amount recommended per day for a woman (400 mcg)


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